Progress Interrupted

The SXSW festival ( just finished. Every year, the festival brings innovators, rising stars, and big names across several industries to have those crucial conversations about the state of society, emerging trends, and ideals. People who created history, discuss their ideas for what the future should/will look like. This year, some of the most recognized

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Just Write

Write pages. Write to better understand yourself and the world around you. The wisdom is conventional enough, although I’m not sure if its celebrity has grown the phrase to cliché status yet. I’ve held a life-long struggle with writing. Many thoughts pass through my head on any given day. Thoughts that would surely convict me,

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Pandemic Betrayal

You know how you “just know” something, even if you can’t prove it? Some call it the sixth sense. Women for years have called it intuition. As a reasonable, logical person (at least that’s what I tell myself), I tend to lean toward rationality and science. Proof and numbers provide me solace from the murkiness

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