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The Heart of
the Matter:
You Can Do It

Sales might seem tough, especially when the only options often offered to women are commission-only jobs selling to friends and family. These positions usually require an investment, offer little training, and soon leave you with no one to sell to. I’ve been there, from the awkward pitches to family and friends, to the unpredictable pay. There’s a better way. Sales can be a goldmine if you strike it right. I’m here to show you how.

It’s taken me from a cash-strapped single mom to a tech-savvy sales star. In this book, I unfold the lessons learned from bootstrapping, countless books, courses at a top business school, and from applying what I’ve learned in the real world – all while keeping an eye on the tech that’s reshaping our world. I’ve included AI tools and strategies, not only for job searching but also for sales-related uses.

This isn’t your average sales manual. I share my journey as a woman of color in sales, detailing the long road to becoming a top performer. I share the good, the bad and what’s normally left unsaid. Beyond that, I provide practical advice on how to land a job, identify your ideal customer, and master the sales process. It’s a playbook on how to win, from someone who’s won a few times. The hustle has taught me more than just making deals- it has shaped who I am, allowing me to build relationships, start my own business and tackle life’s challenges.

Whether you’re considering a career in sales, a newcomer, or looking to sharpen your skills, this book will serve as a guide and a reality check. This job is nothing like I thought it would be, and I’m proud of who I’ve become. I made it from welfare to well-off, and so can you.


Victoria has an impressive track record of success in her role as an Account Executive. She has a deep understanding of her clients’ needs and is always looking for ways to exceed their expectations. She is an excellent communicator and builds strong relationships with her clients and colleagues alike.

Victoria is an extremely hard worker with the right amount of empathy for those she works with and her clients. She is a top performing sales rep working complex deals. Yet, Victoria is also a leader. She has a passion for helping her teammates succeed. I fully recommend Victoria for sales leadership roles

I have been lucky enough to work for Victoria for two major APA! conferences and can attest to her work ethic. Victoria arrives much earlier than everyone else and is the last to leave, going above and beyond what is asked of her. She successfully oversaw 60+ volunteers, a complex conference with multiple days and locations, which served hundreds of attendees. Her attention to detail provided a smooth attendee experience and consistent year over year growth. She led with a solution-oriented attitude and calm temperament. I would love to work with her again!