Keynote Speaker:

From welfare to well-off, a journey into believing in yourself when no one else will, developing resourcefulness and defeating obstacles to become the YOU, you were meant to be.

Victoria Brooks

offers several session options covering her experience, research and expertise.

Difficult journeys may not be our choice but provide us the opportunity to grow into success if we choose to accept it and grow.  Building resilience is a key to success.

From Welfare to Well-off: Charting Your Future When the Future is Uncertain

Hope is not a strategy. Life can throw us some unexpected challenges.  We can face them and them and rise. Through lessons learned in my journey, I share how to deal with uncertainties through transformative strategies that anyone can do.  How to create a plan for the future, build confidence to take the next step,  find resources and defeat obstacles to create a stable future.

Resourcefulness Unleashed: Mastering the Art of Making Things Happen

From welfare to well-off, I learned one key skill that made the difference: resourcefulness.  Learning to start where you’re at and use what you’ve got to map out a plan and put it into place. Becoming resourceful and proactive will change your life. Learn the art of turning constraints into creative opportunities, coming up with unorthodox ideas to overcome challenges, and leveraging limited resources to achieve results

Smart Apply: Using AI to Land Your Dream Job

In the rapidly evolving job market, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a crucial ally for job seekers. Learn innovative strategies that utilize AI to enhance job search effectiveness. Attendees will learn how to harness AI tools to optimize their resumes, tailor cover letters, and even prepare for interviews

Breaking Barriers: Building Success as a Woman of Color in Business

Women of color face unique challenges in professional environments. This session explores strategies for overcoming systemic barriers, enhancing visibility, and building influential networks.

The sessions are designed for:

  • Corporations
  • Educational Audiences
  • Conference
  • Conventions
  • Associations
  • Job Hunters
  • ERGs
  • Sales Groups

All sessions can be customized to the audience’s needs and delivered in-person or virtually.