Luck and Daring Illogically

Sound familiar? It’s a mash-up of Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and Emmanuel Acho’s Illogical, with my thoughts thrown in for a special remix.

The book Illogical focuses on how Acho bets on himself against the odds (and many fears) to get where he is today. While I disagree that “Goals are Dumb,” it’s easy to see how his faith leads to action. 

Aside from working in sports and having a passion for diversity, Acho and I have little in common. So why are we here?  He sent me a free book. True story. But there’s a better reason, too.

Opportunity without action is a waste.

I’ve seen several posts for diversity with varying frustration levels on LinkedIn. The ask is for help to navigate the current systemic inequities. As someone who has faced some injustices, I appreciate it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has seen the glass cliff. “Women are more likely to be appointed to precarious leadership positions in poorly performing organizations, while men are more likely to be appointed to stable leadership positions in successful organizations (Yael Shira Oelbaum, 2016).”

Daily, I see these calls for equality for women to have the privilege of appointments to stable leadership positions. I support this position, too.

I hope they aren’t only holding out for it.

When I faced challenges, it wasn’t because someone saw themselves in me and decided to take a chance. Most of my shots took the initiative to make order out of chaos. To take the improbable route, knowing the odds. I made the moves, and others decided to help along the way. 

I’ve learned from those experiences. I’ve built confidence from turning around failing projects. I learned what to do and what not to do with little expectation for success because it was already a mess. 

Resourcefulness is a skill that one can never get enough of.

In those times, I developed skills that I own today.  

I’ve seen people hold roles with successful results they don’t know how to maintain or replicate. Sometimes, with mentors, they can grow into the role. Other times, not so much.

As a woman or person of color, I assume there is less support, whether due to bias or something else, so more preparation beforehand can only help.

Now, I’m not saying to wait until you have all the skillsets necessary. The stats show we already do that when we should be shooting our shot more often and earlier.

I appreciate those who demand equality. But, if I have the opportunity and the capacity to lead, I will do it. Practice makes perfect, and I will use those experiences wherever I go. 

When I think of Acho’s Illogical, to me, he’s making a call. If companies do their part to foster diversity, we must believe in the Illogical and rise against the odds.

To drive accountability by stepping up.

To run headfirst into the opportunity before us. To do so, we have to believe: in ourselves, the initiatives, and each other.

We need to ensure we take every opportunity to lead rather than hold out for stable positions, in my opinion. We’d have a better chance to enact change with more collective power farther up the chain rather than demanding from the sideline. The more we step up, the better we’ll know how to do what we’re supposed to do when we’re there. Everyone wants to do better, but not everyone wants problems.

Opportunities usually disguise themselves as problems.

I hope many of us believe in the illogical and ourselves. I hope we step up and face problems for a brighter tomorrow. For us, and for those who depend on us.

Let’s all dare to live greatly and illogically…so we can hear the words, we know we don’t wanna… She’s so lucky.

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