About Me


Victoria Brooks has a carved a patchwork quilt adventure out of her professional career.  From working in NCAA Athletics in college to an alternative newspaper to technology to office products and most recently, a non-profit focused on saving 90% and more of the animals in municipal shelters, her focus has always been growth.  She seeks to contribute and learn, to create win/win scenarios and exciting collaborations.  Most recently, she has taken up writing and film as a way to share her learnings other others.

Resume: https://bit.ly/2zMnsd5


Victoria is a reader, a writer, a wanderer, and an introspectionist.  She seeks answers to questions from both within and the world around her (as such, her gratitude for the existence of Google and the internet touches her everyday life).  After all, she’s old enough to remember microfiche and loves to shake her fist in the air at Millenials who take the existence of technology for granted.  Her stories about walking through the woods in knee-high snow consist of reminding today’s young adults of the olden days when using dial-up and aol.com were the norm.  She enjoys traveling in her spare time, exploring the historic sites of Texas and it’s rich bloody history.   So rich, so bloody.

Like many people today, she reads too many listacles, struggles with what to believe in the days of #alternativefacts and #lies, and finds solace in pretending to have a life by using social media.   She often struggles with fashion and her weight, amongst other things.

She travels religiously to the SXSW mecca to honor the technology gods.  She ponders and debates the advancement of the industry with leaders and enjoys partaking in interactive experiences, only to be more tired from her staycation than before she left.

You can find her at events around Austin or looking at her Fitbit watch, running to her next adventure.  She resides in Austin, Texas with her rescue chihuahua, Dobby.